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How To Build A Caterham 7 In 15 Days

Tim Skipper's built Caterham 7

Written by Tim Skipper

Tim SkipperHi, I'm Tim Skipper, Author of How To Build A Caterham 7 In 15 Days

During the winter of 2003, I decided to build a Caterham 7 Roadsport in the confines of my tiny single garage, ready for the road, and to compete in the 2004 Caterham Academy championship season.

I had been tinkering with cars for years, doing my own servicing and minor repairs and so on, but to build a Caterham 7 would be by far the biggest challenge I had ever taken on.  To say it was a daunting prospect is something of an understatement, I wasn't sure if I would know how.  If you're thinking about building a Caterham 7, or have taken the plunge and bought one, and unless you're a mechanical whizz, you're probably having the same feelings, right?

Where do I start? What tools do I need? What's this bit for?! Why are there both metric and imperial fixings?  These were all questions I asked myself as I stared at an empty chassis and 11 boxes of mostly un-labled bits.  The official assembly guide wasn't much help, and the pictures left a lot to be desired.  But now I can help you build your Caterham 7!

I kept a diary as I went along, in meticulous detail, along with hundreds of high resolution colour photographs.  It allowed me to document what turned out to be one of the most rewarding challenges of my life - almost better than finishing the 2004 Caterham Academy Championship runner-up a year later, in a car I had built myself!

My 83 page highly detailed, fully illustrated with colour photographs shows how I successfully built my Caterham 7 Roadsport over a 15 day period, and how despite the best efforts of the official Assembly Guide to confuse you, missing parts and holes that don't line up where they should - you can do the same!

With over 500 copies sold, at just £9.99 this eBook is the ideal companion if you're starting a Caterham 7 build, or thinking about doing so.  Or even if you just have an interest in Kit Cars and like the story.

  • Learn about problem areas missing from the Caterham Assembly Guide
  • Learn the correct order in which to tackle the build, it's not obvious!
  • Save time on poorly documented and fiddly tasks
  • Don't spend 7 hours filling the differential with oil. Find out how to do it in 5 minutes!
  • Download immediately after payment in Adobe PDF format for ease of viewing & printing

Here are just some of the comments I have received from readers of my eBook:

"I'm really impressed with your build diary. I can see myself binning the assembly guide and working through your book instead." - Chris S

"I am really impressed with your build skills and write-ups." - Edward S

"This is better than a copy of CCC!" - John O'R

"The best pictures of a Dedion assembly I've seen. All the missing parts you expect from the Super Seven build experience." - S O'Hara

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